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Dental Care
Q. What is tooth bleaching?
Q. What is involved in tooth bleaching?
Q. What is smile designing?
Q. There's a big gap between my two front teeth. Can that be corrected?

Periodontal / Gum Disease

Q. Does cleaning of teeth make them loose?
Q. Why do my gums bleed?
Q. What do I do to get rid of bad breath?

Children's Teeth

Q. Why do children get cranky when they are teething?
Q. How can a Dentist Protect your child’s teeth?
Q. What are dental sealants?


Q. What are implants?
Q. Who is a good candidate for dental implants?


Q. What causes sensitive teeth?
Q. How can sensitive teeth be managed?
Q. If I am missing one or more teeth, what are my options?
Q. What Is root canal treatment? Is it painful?
Q. Which toothpaste is ideal for use?
Q. What do you do when you have a toothache?
Dental Care
  Educational Open Days : Open to the Public  
  Smiles By Zahra regularly invites members of the public to a series of open evening on the following topics:
- Non-Invasive Dentistry
- Painless smile makeovers
- Lumineers
- Dental Implants
- Teeth in an Hour
- Teeth Whitening
- Dental Wellbeing
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